Having graduated from the International Violinmaking School of Cremona in 2002 after three years of study, I then had the opportunity to gain experience making stringed instruments at the studio of Maestro Giorgio Scolari for a year.
  In 2004, I set up practice in my own workshop in the Southwest of France (Lot, France). I devote myself exlusively to making violins, violas and cellos. I also dedicate a large part of my time to preparing for numerous international luthier competitions.

  Building them is a wonderful way to express my creativity, and I am convinced that contemporary instruments must play a significant role in French violinmaking, in the same way as historical production, in order to maintain a wide and exhaustive choice for musicians, and a healthy competition among violinmakers.
  My production is limited because, above all else, I wish to favor a certain quality of workmanship.

  My favorite models are, of course, largely inspired by the great Cremonese masters of violinmaking : Stradivari, Guarneri del Gesù, Amati, etc. I also use more recent references to Italian violinmakers, such as Giuseppe Ornati and F.Garimberti (20th century). My goal is not to copy these illustrious references, but to draw inspiration from them, adding a personal touch that gives charater to my work.
  The woods that I use are, naturally, sugar maple (particularly from the Balkans) and Italian spruce (Val di Fiemme).
  I use the two main varnish techniques: alcohol varnish and oil varnish, with a slight preference for the latter.
" Yann Schoener "

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